Looking for people who are interested in creating viable renewable energy communities. Using current technologies that include any zero emissions renewable energy.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A renewable plan

I. Executive Summary

Power4thePeople will bring together low cost and self sufficient housing to a much needed market here in the United States. Our mission is to bring together all viable renewable energy resources and create different outlet centers nationwide pertaining to an areas specific needs. We will virtually eliminate our customers electricity bills and create options for co-operatively supplied power and actually use your home to generate electricity along with an income.

Market Information
The value of renewable energy projects worldwide is approximately 22.3 billion dollars. With an annual growth rate of 13.2% through 2008 making it a 41.4 billion dollar a year industry. The renewable energy market is seeing growth rates similar to that of the computer industry. Here in America we are falling behind in this industry. We are virtually sitting on the Persian Gulf of wind production alone.

The new home construction market exceeds 453 billion dollars a year for private sector residences and 212 billion for private sector commercial. About 1.3 million new homes were constructed in 2003 alone with a median price of about 187,100 dollars. Unfortunately much of our low income housing is comprised of manufactured and trailer type homes that offer extended mortgages and virtually no equity returns. Leaving the customer perpetually poor. Our self sufficient home plans offer our customer more than just another bill but an opportunity to build an equitable lifestyle and create security in ones self.

Product Description
Power4thePeople will bring together hybrid systems for all Americans. With specialized systems that our team will customize to specific climates and customer needs. Systems will include hydrogen production and fuel cell technology combined with state of the art wind, solar and other renewable energy sources conjoined with new home construction plans that will reshape the future of all Americans.

Company History and Team Information
As the owner I have 20 years in residential construction. And built and designed my first renewable energy house in 1991. Since then I have designed and built several homes with personal power stations and have mentored many others on the benefits of producing ones own power. My son who acts as information analyst has also followed in my footsteps having purchased a renewable energy home in 2004.

Financial Summary
If the average cost of Home through PowerOfthePeople is approximately 200,000$. With an average cooperative share of the remote power supply of 70 KW max production per hour. The client can expect a return on electrical usage. A 10 mw cooperative is needed to achieve full wholesale pricing as a standard utility company will pay 1.2-1.5 cents per kilowatt and the government will also pay out 1.2 cents per kilowatt for any zero emissions renewable energy project surpassing 10 MW. A 220 Kw wind turbine costs 168,000$ this is power enough for 3 homes. Considering these numbers we will need to have a cooperative surpassing 135 homes. Or 45 turbines that use approximately 1/8th of and acre of land on remote grid tied locations. All things considered we would need 6 acres of property with +17 average annual winds. Each home will receive $6360 dollars a year. If the average house uses 25000 Kw per year the approximate amount the household is $5760 a year. From that amount a percentage is use to cover maintenance and a saving plan would be established in any federal secured savings plan yielding % rates from %4.