Looking for people who are interested in creating viable renewable energy communities. Using current technologies that include any zero emissions renewable energy.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

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PDF files pertaining to overall costs of WIND Farms

Costs of New Plant Production

True cost of Power

Maintenance Costs

Here are some files that back my claim that Wind Power is more cost effective and obviously it is a cleaner energy.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Business Description

P.O. Box 200
Abiquiu, New Mexico
Phone: (505) 310-4502
Fax: (505) 685-4614
Email: Althatis@hotmail.com
Company Description
A conglomerate of energy efficient housing combined with state of the art renewable energy technologies bringing together all residential and commercial energy needs, creating self sufficient renewable energy community planning and development. Power4thepeolpe will bring technologies to the individual and unique needs of different communities and commercial ventures. Creating viable energy conscience living communities, which in turn reduces an individuals electrical costs combined with the option to sell excess electricity to local power company at wholesale prices.
History of Power4thePeople
Comprised of industry leading forward thinkers collaborating to create one goal “Energy Independence”.
Over 25 years experience in energy efficient buildings and renewable energy systems. Received first nationwide standard mortgage for a renewable energy home in 1996.
Services Provided
Planning and installing Hybrid renewable energy systems which include complete Hydrogen production and fuel cell technologies combined with wind generation, photovoltaic cells and other renewable energy sources for conventionally wired homes and businesses. Comprehensive research and development of appropriate renewable energy systems pertaining to individuals location. Services and product information for homeowners interested in refinancing with an EEM (energy efficient mortgages ) to lower monthly energy costs may come to our retail outlets and learn about and purchase energy efficient appliances and renewable energy systems.
Retail outlet stores specializing in energy efficient housing. Including planning and development of housing and self sufficient communities. Also, showroom floor with cost effective energy efficient appliances and lightning needs to reduce ones electrical needs.
Outside and inside sales teams focusing on geographic hotspots for renewable energy sources nationwide.

Mission Statement

To be free one must remove all costs on humanity.